Satan: "It turns out he owns a building a few cities over, across the state border, where my followers like to get drunk and cause mayhem."
Natalie McAllister: "Like... a bar?"
Satan: "If you wanna think of it that way. It's an in-and-out type of thing."
Satan talking to Natalie about Thirsties[src]
Thirsties, owned by Ipos Kabakoff and Sheila Seelendfreund, was an establishment located in downtown Reno, Nevada. On the surface, Thirsties was a harmless small time bar, but it was actually a hangout for fallen angels to frequent and wreak havoc. Thirsties was the last of Ipos' establishments he had run over the centuries.

Pax Madan was a Thirsties regular, often fighting in the ring held in the back.

Explosion Edit

Around 10 PM, after confronting Ipos and Sheila about helping Satan, Uriel blew up Thirsties with his light and killed the two demons in the process. Nearly two blocks of businesses were destroyed as well. The following morning, firefighters were struggling to put out the fire, showing how powerful Uriel's light can be. According to the news, the explosion took the lives of 56 people with more injured.[1]

The news speculated that the explosion may have been drug-related, but eventually came to the conclusion that it was the result of a tampered gas line. Aadinath makes a cameo while the newscasters discuss the possible causes, implying that he may have been involved in the explosion.[2]

Trivia Edit

  • Thirsties supposedly being blown up by a leak in a gas line could be a direct reference to an actual gas leak incident that happened in downtown Reno in 1957, where 49 people were injured and two were killed in two connected explosions.
  • In the Lesser Key of Solomon, the demon Ipos was known to make people witty and courageous. In Satan and Me, Ipos Kabakoff owned the bar Thirsties. Alcohol is often referred to as "liquid courage", meaning it can make someone funnier or braver if they drink enough.

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