"Would you like me to read this for you?... I'm joking, obviously. You should see your face, ha--wait."
―Sheila offering to read one of Ipos' letters[src]

Sheila Seelendfreund was a demon who fell with Satan and a close friend of Ipos Kabakoff. She co-owned the bar Thirsties with Ipos.

Appearance Edit

Sheila has long pink hair that curls outward at the ends and tanned skin. She is thin and she stands at 5'6". From far away, her eyes look completely white due to her blindness, but she actually has pale, grayish blue pupils. Before Sheila was blinded, she had bright blue eyes.[2] She has very distinct, long eyelashes.

Unlike many of the fallen, Sheila has no distinguishing piercings or tattoos. She often wears casual t-shirts, tank tops, or strapless shirts.

In her demon form, Sheila has two horns on each side of her head. They start off as a peach color and blend into hot pink at the tips.

Personality Edit

Sheila is very calm and sensible. She has a lot of pride and she plays off her clumsiness when she bumps into things. She dislikes when people treat her like she is inhibited from her disability, which is what draws her to Ipos Kabakoff.

History Edit

Before she fell, Sheila was assigned to work in Uriel's troop in Heaven. Since Uriel is God's light, he glows extremely bright when he fights and Sheila made the mistake of accidentally looking at him in battle, resulting in her blindness. In the end, Sheila resented him rather than the unlucky situation and it is one of the main reasons why she fell. Injuries like hers and many others set a negative precedent amongst angels and a lot of them dread being assigned to Uriel’s army due to the accidental casualties he inflicts.[1]

After she fell, Sheila spent most of her time in the Southern Hemisphere, even staying in Australia for a while. She then moved to Ireland during the 18th or 19th century, where she met Ipos Kabakoff officially. The two proceeded to run restaurants, bars, brothels, a hardware store, gun shops, camping supply stores, construction companies, and real estate businesses under different guises together.[3]

Plot Edit

After Natalie McAllister talks to Ipos Kabakoff at the bar in Thirsties, Sheila leads her to the back at his request, though she is reluctant to do so.[4] While the two are walking to the back, Sheila reassures Natalie that she knows where she is going despite being blind, only to walk into a pillar in the middle of the establishment. She brushes it off, albeit with a bruised nose, and finally drops Natalie off at the back, where a fight club of sorts is being held.[5]

Sheila is later seen again when Uriel comes to Thirsties to punish her and Ipos for making direct contact with Lucifer. She recognizes Uriel's voice from when she was in his troop and attempts to slice his neck during the confrontation, but accidentally hits Chamuel instead. Ipos tells her that the chance of them winning a fight against Uriel and Chamuel is very slim. He is, however, willing to make a strong, determined effort. They begin to fight in their demon forms, prompting Uriel to blow up the bar with God's light and kill the two demons. He and Chamuel leave with scratches scattered all over their faces and spend multiple weeks in recovery,[6] suggesting that Ipos and Sheila did indeed "go down swinging".[7]

Relationships Edit

  • Ipos Kabakoff - The two are longtime friends as well as business partners. Sheila is highly grateful for him, since he gives her tasks he would give anyone else and treats her like she is not inhibited from her disability. She helps Ipos with relocating whenever he needs to.
  • Pax Madan - Though the two are never seen directly talking to each other, Sheila sees Pax as an annoyance and does not know why Ipos continues to let him come into Thirsties.
  • Uriel - Sheila hates Uriel for blinding her in battle. She still holds a grudge against him, despite the accident happening hundreds of years ago, and recognizes his voice when he walks into Thirsties to deliver her death sentence.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Sheila derives from "Cecilia", which is based on the Latin word caecus "blind."[8][9] Sheila's last name, Seelendfreund, derives from the German words 'seele' and 'freund,' which mean "soul" and "mate."[10]
  • Orange debated having Sheila survive the explosion at Thirsties and approach Natalie with the intent of letting Hell's souls run free, but the idea was scrapped.[11]

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