Archangel Raphael is the archangel of healing and art. Using a purple glow from his hands to ease pain and injury, he is Heaven's main healer and he possesses the highest healing rate among the angels. He can also see the state of someone's soul through eye contact. He is the only archangel to not lead a squad, only working with the medical angels in the hospital.

Appearance Edit

Raphael has wavy brown hair that he attempts to brush back, as well as narrow blue eyes and dark circles. His eyebrows have a very distinct shape, turning upward at both ends to form a curved staple-like shape. Additionally, he has a goatee and a copious amount of body hair.

Raphael stands at 6'11", making him the tallest character in Satan and Me. He is well-developed in musculature with broad shoulders and big hands. He considers his size to be his worst feature because it makes him bump into nearly everything.[1]

Raphael rarely ever deviates from his usual archangel uniforms and robes. He wears a pale blue robe with gold cross earrings frequently. He can also be seen in a black sleeveless turtleneck and a navy blue skirt with a white tie around his hips. He wears gold gold eyeliner on both his top and bottom eyelids.

Personality Edit

Raphael is a pessimistic introvert. He comes off as quiet and antisocial to most and only reveals his humorous and friendly side to those close to him. He loves and cares deeply for his friends and family, especially Uriel, considering him the only source of stability in his life that he cannot afford to lose. One of his greatest fears is losing Uriel because of his poor social skills and inability to make friends easily. Raphael desperately wants to make new friends, but he neither has the time nor does he know how to.[2]

Raphael is tolerant and understanding of both his family and his patients. He is a mediator in a sense, showing loyalty to Heaven, but occasionally helping Satan's side in an attempt to push his family back together.

He devotes most of his time to the hospital because he thinks being useful and helpful will make him happy. However, focusing on his healing to make people happier makes him less happy in the end because he has no social contact with the world outside of the hospital.[1]

Raphael tends to have a guilt-ridden conscience, since he works in the hospital and has no control over others' injuries, no matter how much healing he does.[1] He also has issues with anxiety and a low self-esteem.

History Edit

Raphael has lived in Heaven all his life. He was the happiest he could be, given his circumstance, when his family all got along. This can be seen when Uriel and Satan prank him and Archangel Michael in a humorous flashback before Satan fell from Heaven.[3] It was around this time that Raphael saw the intent in Lucifer's heart with his "all-seeing" eyes and warned Michael about him.[4] His warning prompted the brawl and the Fall, leaving Raphael disappointed and sad when the time came.[5] He feels as though he lost his footing since Satan fell.[1]

It can be assumed that Raphael met Uriel through his job as a doctor. Uriel often went to the hospital to visit angels from his troop who he had injured in battle (e.g., Sheila Seelendfreund), making him one of the only angels Raphael constantly sees.

Plot Edit

Beginning Edit


Raphael after being stabbed by Zadkiel

Raphael comforts Uriel over rumors that Archangel Zadkiel is plotting against Heaven. Since Raphael has the ability to see into someone's soul, Uriel asks him to take a look at Zadkiel's.[6] Raphael then goes to see Zadkiel alone in a temple and asks to see her soul. Raphael makes eye contact with her for the first time and catches sight of her corrupted black soul. She then stabs him in the stomach and drips some of her blood into his stab wound: The only way angels can inflict lethal damage on other ethereal beings. Zadkiel flees and an hour later, Uriel finds Raphael lying unconscious in the temple.[7] Raphael then spends days in recovery, but wakes a few days later to inform Uriel that Zadkiel is on a path of evil.[8]

Run arc Edit

In Oregon, Gabriel summons Raphael to heal Natalie McAllister after Satan boils her in a river.[9] Raphael now lives off of Heaven's borrowed time, still recovering from his injuries inflicted by Zadkiel. Satan points out that Raphael is helping out the "opposing side" by healing Natalie, but he nevertheless agrees to carry out the task.[10] He sees her "garden soul" and immediately takes a liking to Natalie after she thanks him for healing her.[11] He and Gabriel soon leave, but Raphael decides to stay on Earth for a bit instead of going straight back to Heaven.[12]

Titus arc Edit


Raphael returning to Heaven with Gabriel

Gabriel sees Raphael weeks later near Anthea Rosenfeld's grave. He informs Raphael that his presence was sorely missed, contrary to his belief, and Uriel has gone missing.[12] Wanting to help search for Uriel, Raphael returns to Heaven, only to have Michael immediately order him to visit Natalie in the hospital with him.[13]

Upon arriving at the hospital, Natalie recognizes Raphael from the time he helped her in Oregon. He tries to hush her from mentioning the events that transpired, since they would guarantee punishment and he would be considered a traitor. However, his efforts fail as Natalie has already brought it up and Michael has overheard their conversation.[14]

Natalie's reunion with Carla acts as a diversion and distracts Michael from bringing up Oregon again. Raphael offers to heal Natalie's wounds and the two catch up, discussing the recent events in Heaven.[15] In the middle of this, Natalie's father Alex walks in, prompting Raphael to quickly pick up Carla and hide her. He returns to Heaven soon after Michael leaves Lucifer with a message.[16]

After Natalie lets Uriel out of the sack Titus trapped him in, the first thing he does is summon Raphael. When he arrives, Uriel tells him to heal the restrictive seal on his chest and leave him in the sack so that he can make a surprise attack on Titus.[17] Raphael reluctantly heals the restrictive seal and leaves, but stops at Natalie's house first to inform Satan of the warehouse's location. Raphael advises him to take Natalie and leave the warehouse with minimal damage before Heaven's army arrives.[18]


Raphael's reaction to the damage inflicted by Lucifer on Titus' warehouse

Raphael returns to Heaven and gathers Heaven's army to lead them to the warehouse. However, by the time they arrive, the warehouse is already up in flames thanks to Satan. Upon realizing that Satan disobeyed his wishes, Raphael becomes distressed and starts to panic.[19] He finds Uriel amongst the rubble and confesses that he told Satan the warehouse's location before Michael. This infuriates Uriel, and he tells Raphael that he has lost his trust by prioritizing Lucifer over Heaven.[20] Following this, Zoe accidentally runs into the two around the corner, under the impression that Lucifer would be there. They do not even have to say a word to let her know she is in trouble.[21]

Memory arc Edit

Raphael stalls in Heaven's hospital hallways, sweating as Uriel waits to be healed in another room. Chamuel eventually comes by and reminds him that Michael wants him to heal Uriel, since he is still wounded from the events at Titus' warehouse. Despite not being on the best of terms with Uriel, Chamuel convinces Raphael to heal him anyway. When Raphael walks into the exam room, he unsuccessfully attempts to hide his anxiety, but Uriel speaks comfortably, as if nothing ever happened between them. While Raphael is healing him, he apologizes for giving Lucifer a head start and tells him he wishes to be his friend again. Uriel declines his request, saying it is in Raphael's best interest to make new friends. Uriel leaves shortly after Raphael begs him to reconsider his decision. Later, Chamuel checks back in on Raphael only to see him crying alone in the exam room.[22]

After Michael scolds Raguel for wearing Titus' visor, Raguel sits on Heaven's stairs and begins to ponder. He sees Raphael walk by and asks him why it is considered "wrong" to wear the dead's clothes. Raphael does not seem to know why either and his answer does not please Raguel. Raguel admits that he finds it difficult to understand people and that killing is easier for him. Raphael gains a sudden burst of courage, since he also struggles with talking to people, and asks him to be his friend. Raguel declines and Raphael proceeds on his way.[23] It is implied that Raphael has since then made new friends, having been seen in a brief cameo with Dekel, one of his patients.[24]

When Pestilence sends a box containing Lucifer's severed wings to Heaven, Raphael theorizes that Lucifer actually agreed to get them removed based on the careful manner through which they were detached. It is during this time that Gabriel walks in, newly released from the Tank, and strikes up a conversation with Raphael about Lucifer's wings. Gabriel coldly dismisses Raphael's assumption that the sight of his wings would upset him far more, much to Raphael's surprise. Gabriel tells Raphael to not worry about Michael and that he will find out what transpired for Lucifer to give up his wings.[25]

Relationships Edit

  • Uriel - Raphael is romantically attracted to Uriel and utterly devoted to him. The two have a strong connection and deeply trust each other. However, their relationship has been strained due to Raphael's associations with Satan. Due to Uriel showing disinterest in continuing their friendship, the two are not on speaking terms.
  • Satan - Raphael and Satan do not interact regularly. However, Raphael has interfered in a few of Satan's affairs since his contract with Natalie. Raphael was summoned to heal Natalie, much to Satan's begrudging appreciation.[10][11] Raphael later helps Satan again when he tells him the address of Titus' warehouse.[18] His actions involving Satan show that, though Raphael sides with Heaven, he feels the need to act as a mediator at times and still loves his brother.
  • Archangel Michael - Raphael and Michael seem to have a trusting relationship, though Michael tends to make Raphael feel insecure.[26] Michael's trust for Raphael has been shaken ever since he found out about him helping Satan in Oregon.
  • Natalie McAllister - Raphael takes a liking to Natalie because of her loving nature. Natalie appears familiar and comfortable around Raphael, and he likes to help her whenever he can.

Trivia Edit

  • Raphael once drew himself fighting a bear and gave the drawing to two lower-class angels with his signature on it.[27]
  • Raphael can play the cello.[28]
  • Raphael can fold his tongue into a clover shape.[29]
  • Raphael loves horror movies. Romantic comedies, on the other hand, irritate him.[30]
  • Raphael is most at ease in nature.[12]
  • Raphael has never had a brain freeze. His siblings made fun of him for this, joking about him having a dysfunctional brain or no brain at all. As a result, he developed a slight aversion to everything cold.[2]
  • Raphael is scared of bats.[31]
  • Raphael is the third out of the eight original archangels to be created.[32]
  • Orangeplum originally intended to kill Raphael off for good after Zadkiel stabbed him, but after receiving unfavorable feedback from the audience, she decided to keep him alive.[33]

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