"Wh-wh-what the hell is wrong with everybody? This isn't— This is like something y-you'd read in a comic, not real l-life!"
―Kristi after being stabbed in the stomach[src]

Kristen Annemarie Lange, better known by her nickname Kristi, is a friend of Natalie McAllister and Laila Soullier. She learns about the existence of angels, demons, and the inevitable End of Days after spreading false rumors about Natalie being a drug addict. In an attempt to clear up her own name, Natalie sends Satan to talk to Kristi and straighten things out, however this only creates the opposite effect. Kristi becomes as nervous as ever, and is constantly roped into Natalie and Satan's Apocalyptic antics.

Later, Kristi is bound to Archangel Michael in the same fashion Natalie was to Satan. She refuses to let Michael go on the grounds of her seeing him as a "guardian angel" of sorts, sent to her to protect her from demons.

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Kristi is 5'4" and slim-built with a small chest. Her facial features are overall round; she has thick lips, a small, rounded nose, wide eyes, and thick eyebrows. Her eyes are a light blue, though in-comic she is drawn with completely black irises. Her hair is a vibrant blonde and her eyebrows are a light rusty brown. Kristi has curly hair that is short in the back and significantly longer in the front. She also has choppy bangs that frame her face.

Kristi wears a wide array of clothing, ranging from hoodies and sweats to shirts and skirts. She later acquires a blue whistle from Archangel Michael that calls him to her when she blows on it, and from then on she is rarely seen without it around her neck.


Kristi is well-known throughout her school as being a "gossip". She starts rumors that people seldom hear the end of. Eventually, this flaw backfires on her.

At the beginning of the comic, Kristi is portrayed as a skittish and wary "goody two-shoes". She does not want to be involved in drama but finds herself instigating it. After meeting Satan, her anxiety spikes up, and she even goes as far as joining her school's Christianity club to ward off the Devil.

Kristi's anxiety often gets the best of her. She is prone to panicking or overreacting in any situation involving Natalie McAllister or the End of Days. When Kristi is afraid, she clings to people she thinks are level-headed, which is why she insists on keeping her contract with Archangel Michael and, more recently, staying with Laila Soullier.

Despite the bad rap Kristi gets for being uptight and wary of all things related to the End of Days, she seems to be the only character reacting realistically to finding out about angels and demons being real.

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  • Kristi's middle name, Annemarie, means "bitter grace" in German.
  • Kristi was born in Miami, Florida.
  • In terms of books and movies, Kristi likes the cliche young adult romance genre. She hates horror.
  • Kristi has never lost a game of H-O-R-S-E.
  • Kristi has a fear of heights.

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