Archangel Jophiel is one of the seven archangels and is in command of 53 of Heaven’s legions and is in charge of the Cherubim, the second highest angels in the celestial hierarchy.

Personality Edit

Jophiel is usually drunk, but has apparently gotten very good at hiding it, as only one other person knows how often he drinks. Orange has said that he prefers to spend time on earth, is very good at drawing out the inner potential in others, and is a very good listener.

History Edit

After Lucifer’s rebellion, and being forced to attack and force his own men out of heaven, Jophiel took up drinking in secret. He still hides it to this day, for his shame of gluttony on alcohol.

Plot Edit

Relationships Edit

Anabiel Edit

Anabiel is the only angel who knows about Jophiel's drinking problem, and it has been shown that she does not approve.

Metatron Edit

Metatron is Jophiel's best friend. He has not actually appeared in the comic yet, so not much is known about him, or his friendship with Jophiel.