"Ew, are you stalking me now, Lucifer? Let me write you a prescription to fuck right off and let me do my job."
―Death to Satan[src]

Death is one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and is to ride the gray horse during the End of Days. He guides the souls of the dead to the afterlife, whether that destination be Heaven or Hell. He has a strained relationship with Heaven and an even worse relationship with Satan and his underlings.

Appearance Edit

Death is a skeleton when he is not disguising himself as a human. His outfit is simple yet memorable; he wears a long, black trench coat lined with gold that extends down to his knees. The shoulder pads in the coat jut outward, resembling small wings or spikes at a distance. The collar of his coat normally covers the lower half of his face, concealing his perpetual skeletal grin. He wears black gloves, black boots, and a gold belt. On his hip, he has "REV 6:8" carved into the bone. This is a reference to the Biblical verse of Revelations 6:8, where Death makes his appearance in the Apocalypse.

In his human form, Death takes the form of a thin, bald man. He is gaunt and olive-skinned, with a sharp jawline and a cleft chin. His eyebrows are thick and dark brown. His eye shape is sharp and thin, and his irises are a light brown. His teeth are also larger than most humans and well-defined, like that of a skull.

Biography Edit

The following is what Orangeplum has written about Death on her Tumblr blog:

Death is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who will blanket the land during the End of Days. Death keeps a very serious, yet sarcastic, demeanor, hiding his excitement and childish delight for chaos beneath that ruse. He does not have a good relationship with the beings in Heaven, and his relationship with Satan is even worse. He is the guide of soul’s to the afterlife, but feels cheated when Satan makes contracts and alters the destinations of the souls. He is strict on punctuality, after all.

Personality Edit

Death is unkind and impartial. He likes things to be on time, and dislikes those who are out to cheat him. Those who do manage to cheat him, whether it be through contracts or pacts, normally never get too far.

Death feigns formality and seriousness, hiding his delight for destruction and chaos behind the collar of his cloak. He is as excited for the End of Days as a child would be for their birthday. Death is prone to acting immaturely, as seen in his childish squabbles with Satan over numerous things. He has quite the sense of humor, especially when it comes to mocking Satan, and is most happy seeing others in pain.

Above all, Death is true to his Horseman nature: he cannot pass up a bet or wager. Although he can be exceptionally stubborn and bratty, he is not a liar and he tries to be fair whenever he does business.

Plot Edit


Death's first appearance

Death makes his first formal appearance at the Passover Inn, shortly after Natalie McAllister succumbs to her illness in her sleep. As Satan cries and struggles to think of ways to bring Natalie back, Death chimes in and chides Satan for crying over the girl. Death even adds that he wishes he brought a camera to capture the moment.[1]

When Satan demands that Death kills him in exchange for Natalie's life, he gets mad and refuses to do it. He has been looking forward to Satan's death for centuries and never wanted him to give up his own life so easily. To make the situation more interesting, Death offers him a wager: he will bring Natalie back if Satan wins a game they play. If Satan loses, then not only will he die, but all of his followers will die as well.[2]

Satan accepts the challenge, and Death hands him a vial filled with five pills. Death explains that the game is like Russian Roulette: three out of the five pills are filled with angel blood, which will kill Satan shortly after he consumes them. Satan simply has to down a pill without angel blood to win the game.

Death and scythe

Death cutting off Satan's wings

Despite the odds, Satan chooses correctly and lives, much to Death's disappointment. Death agrees to bring Natalie back to life, but he cannot do it yet because Natalie's body is still plagued with whatever disease Pestilence infected her with. If he brings her soul back into her body while it is still infected, then she will only die again shortly after. Death recommends seeking out Pestilence, though both he and Satan know she will not cleanse Natalie's body without something in return.[3] After much deliberation, Satan ends up agreeing to give Pestilence what she wants: his four remaining wings. Death cuts them off with his scythe, and the deal is done. Natalie's soul is brought back to her body, and Death and Pestilence leave.[4]


Death mocking Satan

Death is sought out once more by Satan after Natalie wakes up and does not remember who he is. Satan confronts him, asking what went wrong, and Death recalls that something "peculiar" happened when he went to retrieve her soul from Hell. A part of Natalie's heart split off before they left, deciding to stay with Lucifer's soul because she did not want him to be "lonely". Death says he thought nothing of it at the time because he was rushing to get out of there before a conglomeration of angered souls reached him and Natalie. Satan demands him to get the missing part out of Hell, but Death ends their conversation by saying he can do nothing more for Satan because technically, both their ends of the bargain have been fulfilled.[5]

Relationships Edit

  • Satan - Death and Satan are not on good terms. In fact, they hate each other. After Satan taught his underlings how to make contracts with humans, Death has not treated him the same. The Fallen's sporadic contracting alters the length of a soul's time on Earth, rendering the time of reaping and final destination of the soul unpredictable. This aggravates Death because he is naturally a punctual being.

Quotes Edit

"Holy shit. Are you crying? I should've brought a camera or something. It's been so long since I've seen you cry. I almost forgot you could do it, Lucifer."
―Death to Satan in the Passover Inn[src]

"Oh, this is actually pretty funny. You both self-destructed for each other. You really have awful luck, don't you Lucifer?"
―Death to Satan about him and Natalie McAllister[src]

Spoken about Death
Natalie McAllister: "So, did you make a deal with Death or something?"
Satan: "Hell no! He hates my guts! Wants my head almost as bad as the Big Guy upstairs."
Natalie McAllister: "That's kinda weird. I figured you guys would be close."
Satan: "Sweetheart, no one is close with anyone in our profession. I can't stand his ugly, bald mug."
Satan and Natalie McAllister talking about Death[src]

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