Chelle is one of Natalie McAllister's human friends. She works at a sweets shop and tends to give Natalie and her other friends discounts.

Personality Edit

Chelle seems to have a very laid back personality and was unphased when Kristi Lange told her Stan was the devil.

History Edit

Her and Natalie have been friends for a while, but it is unknown for exactly how long. Due to her being a minor character, not much is mentioned about her.

Plot Edit

Chelle isn't particularly relevant to the plot, making only a few brief appearances over the course of the comic.These appearances all involve Natalie coming to her sweets shop for ice cream.

Relationships Edit

Natalie Edit

Chelle and Natalie are good friends and often talk about various things.

Satan Edit

Chelle may possibly have a crush on him, since at one point she called him hot.

Trivia. Edit