"Don't let it get you down too much, Miss Natalie. You should know some people have a harder time expressing themselves with the people they care about that they resort to lashing out. That doesn't mean they don't care at all."
―Anthea Rosenfeld talking about Felix[src]

Anthea Rosenfeld is a succubus who chose to fall from Heaven to protect her best friend Felix. The two are almost always seen together, and Anthea often acts as a surrogate mother to Felix.

Appearance Edit

Anthea is slightly taller than the rest of the girls in the comic, standing in at 5'7". She has an hourglass figure and is fairly muscular, most likely due to her dancing profession. She has tawny skin and bob-length auburn hair that curls tightly in at the tips. Anthea used to have long, straight hair that curled in at the tips before a brief confrontation with Archangel Uriel. After he singes off a good chunk of her hair, she decides to cut it short. She has a round face, a petite nose, and thick brows, lashes, and lips. Her ears are plainly pierced on the lobes. Aside from her pierced ears, Anthea also has a stud below her belly button and two lower-back dermal piercings. As for makeup, Anthea wears black mascara and lipstick in different shades of pink to match her eyes.

Anthea's outfits are modern and stylish, almost designer-like and skillfully reflect her elegance. Anthea is seldom seen without her black headband on, and frequently wears form-fitting dresses and other attire she expertly color-codes.

Biography Edit

The following is what Orangeplum has written about Anthea on her Tumblr blog:

Anthea is a succubus who usually humors Felix whenever he is distraught. He comes to her first, knowing she is somewhat of a pushover and can’t refuse him. She has an affectionate fondness for Felix and does not want him to come into trouble, which usually results in her being dragged along in one of his schemes. Anthea is actually a nice person, the only reason being that she defected from Heaven was to watch out for Felix. Before she left Heaven, she and the Archangel Gabriel had acknowledged they both possessed romantic feelings for each other.

She is an escort, is technically younger than Felix, and wishes she had more female friends.

Personality Edit

Anthea is very protective in nature and has a warm, maternal aura to her. Despite falling with Lucifer, she is not inherently a bad person, her reason for falling being to watch over someone else. She knows how to pick her battles and diffuse situations well. Her love for Felix knows no bounds, and she will do virtually anything to keep him out of harm's way, even if that means standing up to Michael's second-in-command or even her own leader. Her caring nature sometimes extends outside of Felix, as seen with Natalie McAllister in some instances.

While Anthea has been depicted as gentle and docile so far, she is actually quite a “fake it till you make it” character. She puts up a confident, smiling facade to endure daily struggles (her escort job, coming to terms with the fact she fell, watching over Felix, losing Gabriel), and in reality, she is an extremely weary person.[1]

History Edit


Anthea contemplating on joining God's army

In Heaven, Anthea was a low-rank angel. She spent her days contemplating whether or not she should join God's army. Because she was an angel, she felt a strong sense of duty to serve her Father, though she constantly doubted her ability to serve Him well, which caused her indecisiveness.[2]

She met Felix by chance, as he overheard her muttering to herself on a bench and decided to approach her. She told him about her dilemma, and he jokingly told her to throw her halo against a nearby wall to solve the problem. He said that if her halo bounced back, she should join God's army. Anthea threw her halo but it did not even reach the wall. Anthea asked Felix what this meant, Felix stifled a laugh and said it meant she should forget about the army and be his friend instead.[2]

Anthea and Gabriel together in Heaven

She later acquainted herself with Archangel Gabriel, who after time became her love interest, though they never officially dated.[3][4]

During the Fall, Felix was the one who was hell-bent on following Lucifer out of Heaven, not Anthea. She tried to convince him that it was a bad idea to defect, but he did not listen to her. Realizing this, she made the decision to follow him down to keep him safe and out of trouble. She and Gabriel shared a moment together before she said goodbye, and that is the last time they ever saw each other.[5]

Plot Edit

Beginning Edit

Anthea is first introduced when Felix insists to her and another demon that he saw Satan on the street with a teenage girl.[6] She doubts him at first, but after Felix asks her if he would lie about something like this, she decides that he would not. She follows up with that if what Felix says is true, then Satan is clearly contracted and that it would be best to not interfere, lest he wanted to incur the wrath of the angels, or even Satan, upon himself.[7]

As Anthea recounts the time she fell from Heaven, Felix rummages around for a twenty dollar bill that he lost. He mutters about how expensive his cigarette addiction is, but she interrupts him by saying his name and planting a kiss on his forehead. Felix freaks out and tells her not to "get gross on him" out of nowhere. Anthea's reply reveals that she is content with choosing to fall with him.[5]

Wishing to interfere with Satan and Natalie McAllister's contract, Felix and Anthea follow them to a volunteer job at a construction site. Anthea tells Felix that Satan would not like being stalked and advises him to refrain from prying into their leader's personal business, but Felix ignores her. Satan peers over the edge of the roof he and Natalie are on top of, only to see Anthea and Felix looking right back at him. In an attempt to get out of their sight, Satan accidentally pushes Natalie off of the roof and she lands directly in front of Anthea and Felix.[8]


Anthea protects Felix from Zadkiel

Later, Felix brings Anthea along to investigate the abandoned pad factory that sold Natalie the pads that tied her to Satan. As they are walking, they encounter Zadkiel in disguise. It is revealed that they were the one who bound Satan to Natalie with the pads, and upon understanding this, Felix can barely contain his rage. Zadkiel threatens Anthea to control Felix, and this makes Anthea's anger diminish into fear as she frantically tries to hold back Felix and calm him down. Zadkiel explains that they are both on the same side and that they do not want Felix to be an unnecessary thorn in their side. Felix and Anthea leave the pad factory unscathed.[9]

Anthea is briefly seen when Felix brings home Laila Soullier, his new contractor. Anthea is visibly worried, knowing that Felix is an impulsive loose cannon and could very well put Laila in danger.[10]

Anthea is seen walking home from her escort job in the rain. She runs into Archangel Uriel and Gabriel, who have come to question her about the whereabouts of Zadkiel. Uriel asks Anthea if she was at the pad factory the other month and if she saw Zadkiel there, and Anthea replies that she did see Zadkiel. In a fit of grief and rage, Uriel lights up, which singes off part of Anthea's hair as Gabriel pushes her out of the way. Gabriel, leaning over her, asks if she is okay. Because Anthea has not seen Gabriel in hundreds of years, she is too stunned to respond, and Gabriel gets up to leave with Uriel. When Anthea comes home later and her hair is cut into a bob, Felix expresses his disapproval with shock.[11]

By chance, Natalie and Satan are grocery shopping at the same supermarket as Anthea and Felix. As Felix barks at Natalie over his age and a bag of coffee, Anthea intervenes and apologizes for Felix's outburst. Natalie says that she's used to it as her friend "Stan" has a similar temper. Natalie pulls out "Stan" from another aisle and introduces him to Anthea and Felix. After a short conversation, Anthea and Natalie exchange numbers, similar to how two mothers would after meeting through their children.[12]

Run arc Edit


Anthea and Felix trying to convince Natalie and Satan to let them come along to Oregon

As Natalie and Satan are packing and leaving for Oregon to find War, Anthea and Felix show up at Natalie's doorstep. Natalie says to Satan that she and Anthea have been texting every so often since they met at the supermarket, and Natalie recently told Anthea that she and Stan were going on a trip. Anthea implies that she knows exactly where they are going and what they are doing, and says that four people is better than two for a job like this. Felix adds that they also have a car, which convinces Natalie to let them come along.[13]

The group locates War in an Oregon bar, and Satan discusses his plan in the foyer: he plans to have Anthea seduce War and waive him in favor of Hell during the Apocalypse. However, Natalie suggests that she should be the one to talk to War. While seduction is Anthea's expertise, she agrees with Natalie on the grounds of War having a tendency to notice when someone from either side is trying to persuade him. While Anthea and Satan go back and forth over Natalie's competency, Natalie has already gone in to talk to War. Anthea is shown holding back an angered Felix, preventing him from being seen by Natalie and War.[14]

After selling Archangel Michael to War and hearing about the explosion at Thirsties, Satan has been in an extremely bad mood. Anthea comforts Natalie over this and tells her to not think about it too much. Natalie asks Anthea and Felix if they have ever seen Satan genuinely happy, and Felix cannot recall any particular instances. Anthea then shapeshifts into Satan to see what he would look like smiling. Natalie and Felix are shocked at the sight of a smiling Satan and pester Anthea over how weird it looks. Satan interrupts them quickly by telling Anthea to wipe the smile off his face. Anthea is visibly embarrassed afterwards and Natalie tries to comfort her with the same words Anthea had offered her earlier.[15]


Anthea protecting Felix

Satan later barges into Anthea and Felix's hotel room, demanding answers from Felix. After hearing from Laila that she and Felix were contracted through a mutual interest in wanting to break Satan's current one, Satan accuses him of wanting to throw off his plans for the Apocalypse. Anthea puts a protective hand on Felix's shoulder and gives Satan a cold stare, telling him that he is becoming paranoid under stress. Satan says that he does not need Anthea or Felix's help anymore and dismisses them.[16]

After Satan disobeys his contract and ditches Natalie,[17] Natalie shows up at Anthea and Felix's hotel room soaked. Anthea lets her in to dry off.[18] After three days of waiting for Satan to no avail, Anthea and Felix decide to go back to California. Anthea offers to take Natalie back but she declines, and Anthea follows up with telling her to call if she needs anything.[19]

Anthea comes back to Oregon with Felix shortly after leaving when Natalie calls and tells her that she is out of money and needs help. After finding Natalie at the hotel, Natalie asks Anthea if she knows Gabriel, as Natalie needs to summon Gabriel if she wants to find Satan again. Anthea admits she does know Gabriel, but does not wish to help summon him because she is too afraid to see him again.[20]

Natalie continues to ask Anthea to help summon Gabriel, but Anthea refuses to budge. Natalie then decides to ask Felix if he knows and Anthea insists he does not. Felix tells Natalie he will not help her at all, and Anthea thanks him for understanding the seriousness of the situation. She hugs him and says that they will both do their part in keeping Natalie out of trouble. Felix, still angry at Anthea for dragging him back to Oregon, decides he will give Natalie Gabriel's sigil after all, much to Anthea's horror.[21]

Sometime after Satan's outburst on the bridge, Anthea asks him how he is feeling after the whole ordeal. Satan avoids answering her, and she then asks if it is wise to talk to War again so soon after the incident. He tells her that he needs to get it over with before he can leave Oregon.[22]

Titus arc Edit

After returning to California, Anthea happens to drive by Natalie on her way to pick up Laila from school and sees her speaking to Zadkiel. Suspicious and unsure of Zadkiel's motives, she interrupts their conversation and tells Natalie to come to work with her because she does not believe her father would like her being in places he does not know about.[23]


Miss Scarlett Fever

Ironically, Anthea then brings her to the strip club she works at so she can keep an eye on Natalie until Satan arrives to take her home. Natalie is visibly embarrassed being among the "naked people" but Anthea insists it is best to stay here and away from Zadkiel.[24] After being called to stage, Anthea performs her set in front of a large crowd, Felix and Natalie included. Anthea blocks out the commentary from the men around her as she dances and makes mental notes to herself to talk to Felix about not giving Natalie alcohol, as well as how to approach Satan about the Zadkiel dilemma.[25]

Anthea is visited by Uriel after Felix leaves to go "grocery shopping" at a 7-Eleven. After apologizing over losing his composure a few months back and singing off her hair, Uriel asks her if she knows of Raphael's whereabouts. Anthea does not know and begins to suggest someone else to ask. However, before she can finish, green spikes impale both Uriel and Anthea and they fall to the floor. Uriel's blood seeps into Anthea's open wounds, as they were both pierced by the same spikes. Titus Alwright stands in the doorway and calls Uriel out on being an archangel, then declares that there will be "no more angels".[26]


Anthea dying of blood poisoning

Anthea is forgotten by the two after Titus captures Uriel and leaves. She panics, wondering if this is what it feels like to die. The blood poisoning begins to take an effect on her, making her extremely weak and tired. She thinks of Natalie, Gabriel, Laila, and Felix in her final moments, and then is alarmed by the thought of losing Felix. She then spots Felix's pack of cigarettes on the floor beside her and then realizes she does not have to worry because Felix will be back to get his cigarettes shortly. She is confident that Felix will help her, then slips into unconsciousness shortly after.[27]

A week later, Gabriel is summoned by Natalie to see if he could help fix or revive Anthea, but he cannot. Felix is shown to actually have patched Anthea up and tucked her into bed.[28] Gabriel wants to bury her in Heaven's burial plains initially, but cannot bring himself to slight Felix like that. He settles with burying her deep in the woods on Earth so that Felix can visit her.[29]

Memory arc Edit

Months later, after Natalie dies and goes to Hell,[30] Anthea's soul throws her Lucifer's rope to pull her out of Hell's water.[31]

Relationships Edit

  • Festus Totah - Felix and Anthea are platonic life partners. Anthea has watched out for Felix ever since they met in Heaven. She is essentially Felix's caretaker and is usually the one getting him out of trouble. Anthea is willing to put her life in danger if it means keeping Felix out of harm's way. She loves him unconditionally despite him rarely ever expressing his appreciation for her.
  • Gabriel - Anthea and Gabriel used to have romantic interest in each other in Heaven. However after Anthea fell, they have not seen or spoken to each other since. Occasionally they are in the same area and observe one another from a distance, but overall they have had no interaction.[32] While they still harbor feelings for each other, there is a slight tension between the two since Gabriel knows Anthea picked Felix over him when she fell.[33]
  • Natalie McAllister - When Anthea and Natalie meet, they immediately click. They are similar to two worrisome mothers in the sense that they are both responsible for irritable boys (Felix and Satan) who frequently cause trouble. Anthea is fond of Natalie and tries to be there for her as much as she can. Anthea is kind to Natalie and Natalie always reciprocated that kindness.
  • Laila Soullier - As Felix's contractee, Laila spends a lot of time with Felix. Anthea does not like Laila very much because she feels that she is trying to come between her and Felix. Despite this, she outwardly acts kind towards Laila and often picks her up from school.

Trivia Edit

  • Felix dying

    Felix dying in a scrapped update

    Anthea is younger than Felix.[34]
  • Orangeplum considered having Felix die instead of Anthea at one point.
  • Anthea is afraid of driving on the freeway.[35]
  • Anthea wishes she had more female friends.[34]
  • Anthea has no physical manifestations of evil on her body for the most part. She never grew horns since she only fell to watch over Felix and she generally is not a bad person.[36]
  • The name Anthea is of Greek origin. Its exact meaning is "lady of flowers" or "flowery".[37] To match, her chosen last name, Rosenfeld, means "field of roses" in German.[38]

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